123 Notary?

Hi there, It has been suggested to me as a new notary to register with 123 Notary. I am still trying to learn how this works as a directory. I went on their website and had to put in my contact information for them to contact me about becoming a member. I just got a call from a man that says he’s from USD. What is USD? He claims to work along “with” 123 Notary. Says for $5.00 he can get me on all these google searches etc. It didn’t feel right and I stopped the conversation and told him I needed to do more research. Can anybody shed light or provide feedback here?

Thank you!

(CA) My ardent advice is to not pay anyone (individual or company) any $$$ to help you get on or use a directory or for any listings, orders, assignments or anything else. Like you, when I was a new notary, I wasted about $150 thinking these rip-off artists could help me. My wife (a former notary) warned me not to do it, but nooOOOooo, I wouldn’t listen, and I had to take her to a $150 dinner to make amends :innocent: which I was glad to do because my wife is terrific (and she didn’t just tell me to say that, either :heart_eyes:)

All kidding aside, please save your $$ and self-respect and do the sign-up work yourself. This forum has plenty of advice on how to do it. Put key words in the magnifying glass in the brown header up top of this page (drag your cursor across til it appears) and you’ll see how to expand your business safely.

OK, $5 please for this advice :smile:


Thank you! I see lots of information on the subject now. Appreciate your help!