A Step Above Signing

it took me from 12/4/2019 and finally on 02/20/2020 I received payment

An update: they are now paid up with all their invoices with me. The first one was 65 calendar days and the second one was 73. Supposedly they are ‘moving to 30 days’ but I closed them out and won’t work with them again — unless her 30 days is the same 30 days that every other company on the planet uses. :slight_smile:

We are not independent contractors. They do not pay us. They subtract a dispatch fee from the title companies. We are independent business people. The money we are paid comes from title. Signing companies are middlemen.

Oh my. I had a bad feeling. Angie keeps saying it isn’t due yet but won’t say when it is due. Now it is at Deluxe awaiting release. This is from February 2020. I haven’t accepted any more jobs because now I know!
I hate getting burned.

as of Now, they are STILL “trying to convert”.
I learned my lesson.