A Step Above Signing

Have anyone ever did signings for A Step Above Signing, I did a refi signing Dec 6, 2019 and still haven’t been paid. When I contacted them accounting told me they are working on it. That i need to wait 45 days not including weekends and holidays.

I’ve done one signing for them, still waiting to get paid, I doubt I’ll take another. Any company that doesn’t have enough money to pay vendors within 30 days isn’t viable and is likely to go under and leave us hanging without pay.

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Exactly. They actually tried sending me more signings I will never do a signing for them again. They do not pay

I did 2 signings for them in 2019. Both paid at about 65 days after signing. I emailed reminders or it might have taken longer.

OH YES, a step above Signing. They are on my “NO NO” list. It took over 2 months to get paid. Just say NO! There are plenty of ethical companies out there.

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Sadly, I too was bitten by their “business days” stipulation – shame on me for not paying better attention. I will not take another signing from them again. It’s now over 60 days on the first of my two invoices and I’m hoping I don’t get screwed.

There are plenty of companies out there that pay decently and can pay in 30-45 calendar days. They’re small business owners just like we are and they wouldn’t tolerate that kind of nonsense payment stipulation from their customers, so why should we tolerate it from them?

I’ve done some for them. Yes, they pay out 45 days not including Sundays and Holidays. They are trying to convert to the 30 day cycle. Typically the start of the 3rd month is when you should get paid. ASAP Pro is the same way.

I did one on October 8th, 2019 and was paid after reminding them two times with an invoice on January 28th, 2020.

same, mine was completed Thanksgiving

I just looked at my customer database on Notary Gadget, and I did one signing for them in November. I sent an email 46 (29 business) days after the signing to check on status. Notary Gadget says I was paid 54 days (34 business) after the signing. Their payment policy is listed in bold print on the bottom right corner of SigningOrder. As long as they continue to pay within their payment term, I am still willing to do business. In regards to your situation, December 6 + 45 business= February 13. I would keep emailing and consider giving them another shot. If they repeat, drop 'em.

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I understand and emailed them about a similar situation two weeks ago and the told me the same thing. I thought, I knew it was 45 days and emailed on the 46th for a status. That’s when they made be aware it was 45 business days. I looked at the business day calendar and that’s more like 60 days with the holidays, so they were still within policy and I did get paid in another week or two, I also checked the website and it’s there, I just misread it.

Long story short, I can understand if people don’t want to wait 60 days to get paid, I DON’T, and it’s the only company I’ve worked with, that had the business day requirement. But it seems a little unfair to label them for paying late, if it’s within their disclosed practices.

If the 45 days doesn’t include weekends ( 9 weeks), then 30 days would be 6 weeks before being paid. No thanks

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This company is horrible. I have them on my blocked list. I had to go to title to get paid after 75 days of run around. Come to find out they got payment 4 days after signing. There is no reason not to pay and hold onto the money. To make things worse, I got 125.00 and they got 350.00. They avoided calls, emails and every attempt to collect and get clarification. The title company was very nice and within an hour of hanging up from them I had a email with my check and 30 dollar late fee. I work to hard and should not have to chase my money. Too many companies pay quickly and good. Stay away from “A step above”.

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Only one, but it happened to be a ref for a friend, who stuck his neck out with the lender and INSISTED they be sure I was hired to sign his refi. Had I known about their PATHETIC PAYMENT POLICY, I would have told my friend thanks but no thanks. Won’t do any work for them going forward.

I did one a couple of months ago and just completed one today. They do state that they pay within 45 days but will be transitioning to 30 days. I’ll monitor the payment day for sure.

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That’s 45 BUSINESS days, which translates to easily two full calendar months… There is zero chance I would ever work for this company again. I’m waiting on payment from one from Jaanuary 17, and I’m not expecting it for probably another two weeks. This is a real scumbag outfit.

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These companies should be addressed in a class action suit. As independent contractors and not employees we are to be paid if the loan funds or not; otherwise we should be getting benefits etc.

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I emailed and called a few times, but never reached resolution. I filed a report with the BBB and was paid within 2 days.

Same for me.
I completed a signing in the first week of January and I am still waiting to be paid.

Goodness! I’m just going to stick with title companies and maybe five good signing companies that are paying me promptly! So far I am all paid up 100% on time. Thank God.