All-in-one printer/scanner - mobile notary equipment?

Hello all,

I’m a recently certified NSA who is trying to obtain all the equipment I need before my first signing. I would like to have sufficient supplies to be able to do mobile signings. I can’t imagine going home after every signing to scan back documents.

I am wondering if anyone uses an all-in-one printer in their trunk. Or do people find a portable scanner to be more reliable?

Is there anything else I would need to know to be set up as a mobile NSA? Is there anything else I need to think about?

(If there is another thread that addresses this question, please feel free to direct me there.)

Thanks in advance!

-J (NM)

Hi Jamie,

There are a few other threads up in the A Place to Talk Technology category about printers and a few specifically about having them mobile in a car.

This post is probably the closest to your exact scenario and should help a little about getting everything set up.

If you’re just specifically looking for a good printer/scanner combo there are lots of threads about that but this one and this one are two of the most active and recent.

Hope I could help,
James - Notary Cafe Support

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Thank you! I will check out those links.

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Just some random thoughts from a techie…

If you’re concerned about reliability then, yes, just going with a scanner will likely mean a reduced possibility of equipment failure since traditional laser printers aren’t really meant to be moved/bumped/shaken so much. One have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution would be getting an LED laser printer. These have faaar fewer moving parts than a traditional laser printer sine they light the drum all at once with LEDs instead of using a moving laser and mirrors. Only a few manufacturers make them though. I believe Oki is the main one right now. These should be far more reliable being used in a vehicle over the long-run, but the cheapest all-in-one of these I’ve seen is about $400-$500 new, where a nice traditional laser can be had for $250. Another approach would be to place the printer in some type of crate atop a suspension of sorts. Maybe memory foam, or those anti-vibration feet used for washers/dryers. Lastly, maybe buying your printer at Costco or someplace with great extended warranties that don’t have an exclusion for this type of use.

Ultimately, if you have the space for a small all-in-one, that’d be my suggestion. You would solve multiple issues with one purchase and the price difference is negligible between a decent AIO printer and a decent standalone scanner. To me, if the scanner isn’t going to handle 50+ pages in its feeder (which are pricier), I’m probably better off time-wise just using a good app on my phone (make sure it doesn’t record to your photos library, only to an encrypted memory card).

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your insight!

I rented a GREAT Toshiba from a copy company in my town. $65 per month. They supply the toner and maintenance. I didn’t want to invest in a machine till I knew I was going to stick with this. And also if it was worth the investment.