Any other notaries in LA?

Any other Los Angeles notaries in here?

(Southbay area?)

I’m just starting out and not having the greatest start to be honest.

I decided to start in the San Francisco Bay Area as it’s my home region and my mentors are there. I live in Hermosa Beach (near LA) though.

After waiting and waiting for a signing I finally got one and it happened to be a double loan for the first one. I was SUPER nervous as I wasn’t expecting that, and the signer ended up leaving a perverted voicemail which made me even MORE uncomfortable, but I said I have to take it to get going! Anyhow, I printed numerous amounts of paper, prepared so hard and then it got postponed on the way there! :frowning: sadly C2C never rescheduled another time with me.

Now I am back in LA and I get maybe 1 request every 3 days (which don’t always take me) Back in San Jose I was getting hit up 20x a day for signings. I’ve signed up with multiple signing companies (even the lowball ones).

What I want to know is, LA people, are you able to make a living off of this here full time? Or Is it only realistic as a side hustle here?



I’m having the same issue. I’m in LA as well, San Gabriel Valley area. I signed up with signing services as well and don’t get any signings. It gets discouraging, but I’m determined. It feels like I spend so much time trying to find something that will work to produce work assignments. Hopefully things turn around for us both! Good luck to you :blush:

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Aww thanks! Glad to hear I’m not the only one having a hard time. But sucks for us having to have a lack of opportunity :(.

Have you had your first signing yet? I hope after I can finally complete one that more opportunities will popup! I’m already at the point of looking for a “normal” job again

Hey I’m really sorry about your hardships that’s awful. What did the guy say on the voicemail? I’m so curious about it now.

Thanks, it sucks but what can I do🙁

He said “are we going to do this monumental circle jerk?”


Okay…what does that even mean? These people are so strange sometimes. Seems like you travel a lot that must be hard to adapt.

So, I do not live in LA but it seems like you are experiencing what everyone experiences when they start. The notifications come slow at first. To get more you must take what ever you can at first and build up your number of signings on sites such as Snapdocs and

The more signing you scan scrape together one by one, slowly but surely better and more offers will come. It takes time but it will happen. I know it is discouraging at first, we have all been there. Seriously, keep the faith.