Any recommendations for either a 2-in-1 or IPad for Hybrid closings? and specs?

I am preparing to begin hybrid closings since my state has approved this. I am unsure which is the best equipment to buy–either an Ipad or a 2-in-1 laptop. Any recommendations? And, are there any minimum specifications?

I do hybrids regularly. Having used both, I prefer the laptop with a 17" screen. One must describe the document, point to the signature block, then cue up the next page, usually while peering at the screen at an oblique angle. At first, I thought the iPad would be best - easier to pass around. It is… but the moment you hand it over, you lose control of the signing. I prefer the laptop. You need Windows - most platforms require it. Touch pad ir regular mouse work fine. Word of caution: with hybrids, remember that the BORROWER must click to sign. You doing so is as bad as falsifying their signature.

Thank you, Judikidd. I think this is a good time to purchase the equipment. I will look into the 2 in 1.