Hybrid packages that require electronic signatures

Hi Everyone~

I have had recent requests from ServiceLink to do some Discover Bank hybrid packages with device closings. I was interested and asked what it involved. The vendor explained that I go online, take a short course to learn how to navigate the e-signing software. She also explained I would need to provide my own computer & internet service during the signing and still print 2 sets of packages and get wet signatures as well.

I then inquire if there would be a fee increase for providing that additional service to a standard package. The answer was “No”.

Now, I’m not crazy, but I think they are for presuming that I would do any additional work for free. As it is, they are only paying $90 for all packages that require scanbacks. So frustrating!! Would love some feedback. Anyone else feeling the same way?

I’m not sure what the point is if you are printing and wet signing AND e-signing. Unless they are only e-signing select docs to move it through faster. There is a company out there called EscrowTab that provides the software for In-Person Electronic Notary signings (IPEN). At present you need to lease the hardware from them but they will soon have an app available to be downloaded your your own iPad Pro or Surface ProTablet. Since I already have the iPad Pro, I have no desire to lease another device, so I am just waiting for that to be ready. No printing involved in IPEN!

That’s ridiculous. I remember doing those for Amrock in the past, when I first started. They only paid $85 so I stopped. It’s actually just as much work as an all wet signature if not moreso. You have to bring a computer/iPad and then connect to the wifi (which sometimes the signers don’t even have lol), sign in, then the signers have to sign in, and then they go through the documents. It’s annoying, especially because you don’t get paid more.

I like working with ServiceLink. If $90 doesn’t match your fee, you could counter their offer and ask the scheduler to get it approved. Your price is your price. If they get it approved, great. If they can’t, that’s OK too and you both move on. If a hiring company tells you they have a hybrid closing, you could make sure they understand that you will do a wet signing with the borrowers for them – pen to paper, and ask whether that will suffice.