Anyone familiar with a Gateway/Cartus relocation sale?

How many pages is it typically and how complex is it? I’m also being asked to provide my fee for “Additional loan package”. Trying to figure out how much to charge. I’m in FL but interested to know the range in other states Too.

Additional loan package is double, but you can give them a discount of $25 or so because you’re not driving to different locations for both packages. That’s what I do, you have to do your own math on your expenses.

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Is “additional loan package” when you have to notarize 2 loan packages for the same client?

Yes… I’ve been doing some lately, for Signature Closers and they pay me double. You have to do one package first and then the other one. Becareful not to mix them both.

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How did you get on their platform?

Go to their site and fill out their new agent package, is the same as Amrock or XOME. They don’t know how much experience you have, and I just follow an experienced NSA advice from one of the forums… most of those sites want to know what’s your experience to low ball you if you’re a newbie. We’re still doing the same refinances, purchases, HELOCS and are having the same expenses.