Assignment, no docs and no borrower notification questiokn

I have been assigned a refi, time is set, meeting confirmed, but no docs. Borrower is calling asking where I am. I am told that documents have yet to be published. This has tied up my morning, I am not given any expected time as to when the Docs will be ready. Anyone every had this problem? I think they owe me for booking my time?

What we’d like and what happens are 2 very different things. IF they were to cancel within 2 hrs. of Appt., you’d get paid a ‘print fee’ only. As you don’t have docs, even that won’t happen…you’ll get nothing if it cancels. However, were this mine, I’d definitely set a ‘drop dead’ time on those docs (unless you are OK with heading out the door at 10, 11 pm tonight). Also, if something else comes up, as I don’t have docs or even a ETA, I’d take it and let the chips fall where they may.


Thanks for this information. Well, this is a well thought of company, but they left me and the borrower in the dark. It is 1:00 and no word from anyone. Borders on someone wondering around in inept territory.

Darrel, I’ve got a video on YouTube about how I handle this exact type of situation. Feel free to check it out!!
How to Handle Late Documents

That is so stressful for me. I’ve often agreed to a signing on the condition that I have docs 4 hours early. Promises don’t always get it done, though. It seems that the most poorly prepared docs are those last minute ones and I go out of my way to compensate for the problems form title companies. I feel a huge responsibility to the signers to have things go smoothly and hate to be the “bad guy” in their eyes. I will always ask for some compensation when there is a cancellation that has kept me hanging on, whether or not I will get it.
I just watched the video by klewis31975. (Kendra) It was perfect! I agree 100%!!! Thanks Kendra!

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I’m glad it was helpful! Check out the other videos as well when you get a chance!

Thank you, yes it was very helpful. Not what I wanted to hear, but life is life. They finally canceled the signing, for the second time. This one was set up last week, I am still surprised that they were not ready. What surprised me more, was that as of signing time, the company had not reached out to the borrower. Guess, the expected me, the one who was totally in the dark to be the informant. (which i did) On your assignments, you get all these " Don’t change, Don’t be late" Don’t this and Don’t" and they end up doing all of these Don’t. Thanks again for you insight.

Yep! These companies live by “do as I say, not as I do.” They expect us to perform in a certain way but they usually don’t do the same in return. This is why I refuse to let them stress me out. I let the customer know to contact their lender with questions and updates - then I forget about it until they get their stuff together!
Ah well, it’s the business!! Have a fabulous holiday!!! :grin:

Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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