--- attention texas notaries! ---

In case you haven’t heard, there is a movement “afoot” to raise authorized fees from $6 per notarization to $10.

Please visit the link below, and please help us get our voice heard!



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Thank you Robert, I have contacted my state legislator. Also Texas Notaries, sign the below linked petition and have our voices heard!

I can not believe that your fees there are $6.00! I have a lot of family in Texas, I’m in California. You absolutely should make at least $10.00-12.00. Good luck.

I just signed your petition! I wish you the best of luck!


What efforts are being made to raise the fee to $10? CPI Index for old .50 of 1913 would break out to $12.48! Fee request for $15 and compromise to lower limit.

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Just signed!!! Thanks Robert!

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It’s $15 in California.