Best NSA / RON training and software

I’m new here and out of NC. I have worked in insurance and then the mortgage industry for several years and trying to work part time as a NSA/ RON to be available for my disabled daughter. Few questions if someone would give me their opinions. What is the best online training or reading material to learn about all the ins and outs and working etc of the paperwork we will be signing. I’ll be familiar with a lot of it but some I’ve never dealt with. I’d like to learn as much as I can to be as prepared as I can. And I’ve read it’s good to go ahead and take the RON classes I imagine you need training on these procedures and is there specific software I would need to purchase to offer these services? And how do I find out the reputable companies to sign up with in NC? I’ve googled around but don’t see many. Where would I find these? Can I go around and promote my services to title companies, realtors ? Who else ? And do you all use a separate cell phone just for work or do you generally use your personal phone? Thank you for your time !!

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Welcome to Notary Cafe! Congratulations on becoming an NSA!
You are in attorney state, someone else will chime in since I’m not in NC.
May you have a safe, happy and prosperous 2022.

Thank you! I’ve read through a lot of posts and your responses have always been most helpful and positive and welcoming to people trying to get started. Thank you for that. Those of us that come here to get some insight really appreciate that :slight_smile:

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I will try my best to help if I can. I have a special needs child so I understand your situation.

As far as I know NC is not an attorney only state…I know several SAs in NC…quite successful and busy, I might add.

As for RON I would first refer you to your SOS for approved vendors…sign up with one of them to fulfill your requirements then come here and use the search feature to get a great education about RON marketing and procedures.

Welcome and good luck

P.S. @VIPnotaryCO…see what I did there??? :joy:


Thank you Linda! Morgan is in good hands then:) I’m kinda exhausted of telling people to click on the magnifying glass icon to search:). You do it:) :joy:

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@VIPnotaryCO I definitely “feel ya” on that one!


Okay, back to Marketing my business & working with loyal clients. :hugs::tulip::yellow_heart: