Borrower won't sign after arrival "didn't they call you to cancel?"

So you get a confirmation from the borrower and print docs and go to the address - when you arrive the borrower says - didn’t they call you and tell you not to come? Oh I feel so bad, someone should have told you. This has happened to me three times in the first week of 2022. What is going on here? And then the company that hired you wants to give you $35. for printing 360 pages and travelling over 60 miles into the unpaved woods in the pouring down rain with covid all around. Well I consider myself a fairly intelligent person and the last thing I said to the borrower when I confirmed is - if anything changes you have my phone number, please give me a call and let me know. But - who are you going to blame here??? I say yourself.
Now I have made up a new rule that all notaries should follow - call again before you go. What are your feelings on this one?.

That’s not cool. It’s always a good idea to check with the company about their policy for no-sign.
Some companies will pay you the full fee, or whatever fee you ask and some companies pay less.

I guess I am going to have to ask the company to send in writing what they are going to do if the loan does not close and it is not my fault before I take the job. I work for so many companies - I am thinking that when they send me forms to fill out to work for them with my credentials - I in turn, need to make up a package of what I expect from them in my package. Good Luck getting that signed. LOL


I’d have a ‘little talk’ with them; $35 is not adequate for time/mileage/large package. But, getting this info (and perhaps other terms in writing) before you print/travel is best.

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I wrote an intense letter to the signing/title company, who by the way, said that they were not told by the lender either, after they sent me the $35 email and when I explained my situation, they raised it to $50.
It is almost like prying a can open with a knife and your bare hands or begging which I can’t stand to do but I pried another $15. out of them. This helps my huge truck payment and in the area where I live you must have a truck for dirt roads and farms.