Business with Title Companies

Good afternoon,
What is the best approach and pitch when trying to do business with title companies instead of signing services? Thanks.
Shannon Simpson


Talk to the Manager and tell them why they should use your services and add you to their preferred Notary list. Basically let them know what you can do for them and how your services will benefit them and their customers. FIX A PROBLEM THEY HAVE WITH OTHER NOTARIES.


How would you know what problems they have with other notaries?

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Comman mistakes they complain about that Notaries make.


Great idea. Especially if you know what you could possibly do better. And then ask for a chance to prove it. :wink:

It’s a matter of building your reputation by gaining as much experience as possible, have the right credentials, taking care of issues immediately, and, if necessary, be willing to fix the mistakes you made at your expense.

Make sure they know that you are an experienced SA and a professional. After that, your work will speak for itself. Honestly, these title companies are either taking on Signing Agents or they’re not.

Hi Shannon, that’s a great question…

There’s no magic phrase or line the you need to recite in order to earn a title companies business. You don’t have to give a super marketing packet to impress them. They are people, introduce yourself have a conversation and make it happen.

Here’s exactly what I have in my hi I’m David Packet.

I GIVE them my Business Card,
I SHOW them a color copy of my Notary Certificate, my E&O Coverage, my Current Background Check that’s it. Honestly, that’s all I show them. I complement them on having a successful business and tell them I can help make thing be more efficient because no one has to stop what they’re doing tin order to perform a closing. Here’s another thing, no one has ever asked me how many signing have I completed, Ever. Here’s what they have told me, we never have mobile notaries come in, that why we have used signing agencies in the past, we’d prefer to work with some one who’s local. I work directly with 5 title companies in my area, and they give me all the business I can handle by myself. Another thing ask for exactly what you want to earn. $150, $200, $250 or $300 for a signing. Title company will pay it, that why there are so many signing agencies.

Here’s what’s important to them-

You have a nice friendly smile and give a positive vibe. Why? Because you’ll be meeting their clients and you’ll be a direct reflection of their organization.
You’re comfortable with talking with people and going through the loan packet. You don’t have to bore someone or try to impress them by going through all 120-170 pages. It will cost you too much time and cause them ( the Title company ) to think you’re not capable of handling back to back signing because you take to long to get through the package.
Your seem eager to help. Go above and beyond, make copies if allowed, wipe down the sitting area both before and after, throw away pens after the signing ect.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just being Nice, being Professional and being Knowledgeable.



Good evening,

Thank you everyone for your input and advice. Since this inquiry, I have contacted 4 Title companies (awaiting feedback). I have been receiving direct phone calls, texts, and emails from title companies. There must be an algorithm out there somewhere that triggered title companies to reach out to me or just luck. Thanks.


That’s great to hear, but I’m hoping you’re making your contacts in person/face to face and not relying on emails to secure these important long term business relationships.


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That was very good feedback that you provided above. As far as the in person/face to face contact, are you suggesting one to go into the title offices? If so, it’s kind of difficult to do that right now.

Hi Stephany,

do you know what obstacles are? Obstacles are the objects You allow Yourself to see when you take your eyes off your Goal. Not meant to be motivational, just Facts.

If your goal is to get in front of a title company’s escrow officer and let the know that, you can help their business operate more efficiently buy allowing you to perform some (if not all) of their in internal and external closing, showing them you’re knowledgeable, take pride in high quality closing you provide, you are always on time, can be flexible ect, ect, ect…then do that.

Look their company up online, find out the name(s) of their escrow officers, ask for them by name when you arrive. Be confident and not timid when you ask for the escrow officer, otherwise you could easily be turned away by the receptionist.

Wear a mask and keep in on, don’t try to shake hands, and mentally rehearse what you want to say. You need to make an introduction, peek an interest and create a meaningful need for that person to be you within 2-5 mins.

If successful, you’ll be invited to comeback to their office and talk or go into a conference room. This is not the time to relax, maintain eye contact, practice effective listening, repeat some of the things he or she shares with you and use phrases like. Yes, Exactly, Always and I Understand. Try to do more listening than talking, often times escrow officers want to be Assured you’re the right person than Sold on the idea you’re the right person.

You can to this, trust me.


Wishing you many successful signing. David