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Everyone says that title companies pay a lot more money than going thru a Notary Company. How do you get before the title companies? Is there a list out there?

The best way I found out who was doing the business in our area was by going down to the Register of Deeds and examining the mortgages for the last couple of months. Return addresses have title companies on some of them and I try to find which companies are doing the business. Then I call the companies and ask for work. I don’t wait for them to find me. Ask for the closing manager and let them know you are available and let them know what your charges are.


What can your charge title companies?

I charge title companies the same amount I charge a Signing Service - my fees are based on scope of work required, time and distance - not on who contracts me to do the job.


Most title companies want a signing service so that they don’t need to hire people for a scheduling department. Most want a one stop shop to contact (signing service) to assist them in this time consuming job.


I tell them I am perfectly capable of making appointments and scheduling my notary services. Most will accept that. I’ve found over the years that the signing services are poorly suited to schedule signings. It is much better to do your own scheduling and if the title company has enough competent notaries, they will find they don’t need the signing services at all.


Having worked for a title company in New Mexico, I am not sure I understand the benefit of offering my notary services to the local title company. How do you present your services so that its appealing to the title company? We are in a small town in Montana and the owner is a Notary. Traveling to the clients home would be the only service I can think of. Your advice and experience would be appreciated.

kbrennan, what is GNW you mentioned advertising?

GNW = General Notary Work

Title offices hire me to do out of office courtesy closings for them AND to do closings in their office (they may have a very busy day with several signings at the same time, or the escrow officer / assistant needs to be out of the office at the time that a closing needs to occur in their office.)
Most of what I do for local title offices is actually in their offices - I get lots of calls from escrow officers who aren’t feeling well or maybe has a child who isn’t feeling and don’t want to go in to do just one signing.
It really just depends on how busy that particular office is, and maybe a small title office in a small town wouldn’t have the same needs.


Sign up with an agency that hires temporary workers for Title and Escrow companies. I worked as a temporary escrow assistant and Notary for several title companies. North American, Fidelity, Stewart Title, Orange Coast Title. I learned the escrow and title business, and did signings for them. If you are in or around the Los Angeles/Glendale area the employment is done by A-Team Staffing.

VMG Monterey Park, Ca.

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