Can A Notary Accept This Job Legally?

Okay the NNA’s vaunted notary hotline isn’t working and I can’t get a direct answer from google. I have a job offer for an assignment in a state I am not certified to practice in but the assignment is just a loan app with no notarizations whatsoever. I want to know if I will be breaking some law by taking it.

If I understand your question correctly you are only acting as a document courier? What law would you think you’d be breaking by taking docs to a customer and sending them back to a company?

Signing agents are certified nationwide. If you are not acting as a notary, you can oversee the signing.

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There is nothing to notarize, you are not using your commission in any way. Companies use notaries to get things done, other than notarizations, because we are considered dependable, knowledgeable and detail oriented. I live in NC but cross the line into Virginia to do work that does not require my signature/stamp.

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I ask you this? Suppose you are in the middle of this & you come across a document that requires a Notarization? and you did not spot this earlier. What do you do at this point?
To have the signer sign it & you notarize when you get back to your office (where you can notarize) would be considered fraud & a possible felony.
Answer that & you will know what to do.


According to your post, you are in NC , But travel into VA as long as no notarization. In my feeling you are breaking the law. You market yourself as a NC Notary. You need to STAY in NC.
For just the reason you mention. If you are in a state that you are not licensed in & come across a document to be notarized, you have an issue. You cannot legally notarize it & if you return the package without the notarizing, you will get a defect by the company & they will expect you to rectify the issue. When the find out that you can’t, they might sue you for fraud among other things. Solve this going forward. Stay in your own state or get a commission in the the adjoining state.

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I disagree with your subjective opinion. I am NOT marketing myself as a VA notary and the state of VA agrees with me and so does every other state.

If you are basing your objection on the off chance that a notarization may pop up the solution to having a surprise notarization is really quite simple. Review the docs beforehand! Is that all you have? It’s a no-brainer.

IF, that should happen I would simply cancel the transaction and lick my wounds. Your assumption (and your bold font) indicate that I would commit a crime is ludicrous. I will spell it out for you again: I go to VA to get docs signed (NOT NOTARIZED). Anyone can go anywhere to get docs signed. With your stay-in-your-own-state mentality that would mean a person from NY cannot go to a client in CA and get a contract signed. Anyone can see how ludicrous that is. Your anger and view of the world does not reflect the legal free flow of commerce. I am sorry you reside in such a small box, try and catch up.

As far as getting a notary commission in VA you are now asking me to do something illegal but just aren’t aware of it.
You need to reside in VA as your primary home OR have a valid business address in VA where you have an office that you conduct regular business, which I don’t.

I will continue to go to any state to get documents signed as long as THERE IS NOTHING TO NOTARIZE.

Hello I am sorry for you that you do not value my opinion. You asked people’s thoughts on an open forum, which tells me that you are not sure that what you are doing is correct. I almost write in bold & again I am sorry for you that you think I am shouting, I was not & am not in this reply. Now for the subject; You asked, I answered. You want to get nasty about it & don’t want to agree with my opinion? If all you can do is call people names & be mad at them for disagreeing with you, then I suggest you find another line of work. You should not ask on an open forum where people might disagree with you. My answer stands. It is your business. Want to cheat the person that hired you? Your choice.**