Certifying a Note

I’m a VA notary, but this might apply to other states. Did you know that certifying a Note is the unauthorized practice of law? I refuse to do this as my commission is put at risk as well as other ramifications. Every time I print a Note and see that it needs certified I notify my company that I cannot do it, and provide documentation. If you would like the documentation I provide please email me and I will send it to you. rcarlene98@aol.com.

You mean the ne varietur at the end of Virginia notes? We get them here in FL occasionally - I checked with our SOS - and no, Florida notaries are not authorized to sign that - it’s not a notarial act authorized by our state. When I saw them I just put a post-it note on the page stating “not authorized by State of Florida notary laws”.

Common sense dictates that - what the notary is certifying is that the info contained in the note matches the info contained in the mortgage and is for the same property as in the mortgage - sorry, that’s not my job - that’s the job of someone at Lender or Title.