Signing agent ?s

Hi! signing agent question. Is it my job to certify copies or is that done after I send back. Not sure if I can notarize something Ive notarized which I didn’t think I could do

Are you authorized to certify copies under your notary laws? If so, then yes, you can, but I would suggest you be the one who make the copy from the original so you can truthfully say you are certifying a copy of the original…unless your state lets you certify a copy from a copy.

You’re not notarizing the document - you’re certifying the copy as a true copy…so no conflict IMO

Make sure these instructions are for you - many times title has to provide certified copies back to lender (I used to do that back in the day doing closings in an attorney’s office) They may be title instructions - I’d call hiring party and ask

Thanks everyone! I’ve confirmed yes I can certify the copies but the instructions weren’t for me :blush:

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My first refi signing went great!! I can’t wait to get called for more! What’s the best way to get more business?

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Keep signing up with companies, marketing yourself and doing good work - the calls will come in - and hopefully the pay - make sure you work for only those companies who will pay you and pay you what you’re worth. Don’t undervalue yourself.

And congrats.