When to notarize vs just sign

In the VA mortgage signing I’m doing today, there are several sections where it calls out for the notary to sign. Some places explicitly say to sign, place commission date, stamp and have the full legal language. Other places have simpler legal language and just a line for my signature. On the sheets that aren’t explicit, I’m just signing, not stamping, correct?

I recently had the same issue as you and this was my first signing. Talk about sweating bullets. I still have not heard if it was all correct and accepted.

You sign as a notary public, you stamp. Check regs for Utah - WA requires that all notary signatures be accompanied by the date of commission expiration and printed name. If that info is not present on the form, write it in. Alternatively, call title or the lender, depending on which provided that form, and tell them you need a complete certificate. YOU are responsible for ensuring that you do not put your name on fraudulent documentation.

Yes. Only Signature is required.