Outside State Notary Jobs Which Don't Require Notarizations

Okay the NNA’s vaunted notary hotline isn’t working and I can’t get a direct answer from google. I have a job offer for an assignment in a state I am not certified to practice in but the assignment is just a loan app with no notarizations whatsoever. I want to know if I will be breaking some law by taking it.

Nope. Not notarizing so breaking no law. As I border another state, I infrequently do an Application out of my state… Sometimes, even the final, but then they have to come to me because those require notarization.

Were you going out of state to conduct the closing? Your question is confusing?

It was a loan application in another state.

The only thing that matters is physically where you meet with the client and notarize their signature. So long as you’re meeting with the client in the state you’re a Notary in you’re good. Many of my notarizations and most of my signings are for other states.