Closings in Northern California

Is it still slow for everyone else. I only do part time, but have noticed a significant slowdown. Anyone else feeling the pinch also.

It has really taken a hit with the slow down in the valley…I was doing 6 to 8 a day and now I am lucky to get even 1 so it has just died!! I am sure it will pick up again after tax season so I never worry and I still have my regulars who will call or give me their work. I was expecting this once they raised rates since we were in a refi market but now they will go into the loss mitigations more and the equity refis and the reverse mtgs so there is still alot going on plus sales of property with buyer and seller packages still going so there is the bright side too…

Really slow here in San Francisco Bay area since January. Interest rates up, workload diwn!

Yes, slow here in Central Valley as well. Although, this week it’s picking up a bit.