January Business

Just curious how business is going for you in January, 2017? I was busy in December but now my phone isn’t ringing…

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I am very slow here in Orange county, CA.

January 10th, phone has not rung to date

I caught 3 fish this week, otherwise my bait was just there!!! Glad to know It wasn’t just me south of Houston! :laughing:

Very busy in Las Vegas!!!

Not as steady as I would like but I’ve had 6 so far this year 5 HELOC and 1 Re-Fi. One of the experience notary stated January and most of February is slow March April and May and June could pick up and usually July August and September are slow October November and December pretty much steady

January through March are usually your slowest months. April through the rest of the year is usually steady to very busy. This is from someone who has been doing signings for over 13 years. :wink:


Thank you all for your responses. Very helpful.

Business has been average but because I am not accepting the low-paying closings. I still get a lot of notices from Snapdocs with mostly low-paying offers and specifically, Coast-to-Coast but I don’t respond since their reputation is not good. There is another company that offers $70.00 - ridiculous!
I understand that refinance closings will be slowing down but purchase closings should pick up. Good Luck to all Notaries!


Very busy here in Orlando. I’ve done 18 to date in January. GOD IS GOOD!!!


glad it was not just me the worse start ever and i think they throw out these small numbers to see if anyone stupid person will work for such low money dont do it


14 so far in January with 4 scheduled by Friday here in NJ. Some helocs, mostly re-fi’s

Slow here for me in the Sacramento area. I did half a dozen signings the first half of the month…down from previous months, but January is often slow. Tempting to take the low-paying jobs just to stay busy, but I did that in the past and was kicking myself, so no more.

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It is slow where in WA State, I did have to turn three due to weather. I don’t know if they’re going to reschedule them or not. But I have done two so far.

It’s been very slow in Salt Lake City too.

Slow the past few days here in Vegas…but I was in Jury Duty lol for the past two weeks (when it was busy here).

It’s normally super busy all the time here in Vegas and I love it!!!

thank you good to know

Hang in there. Don’t take those low fee signings! Together we can make a difference.

Very busy again (as usual) here in Vegas. Tons of vacation people having to deal with signing their docs on their holiday :smiley:

Beginning to get a little worrisome here in Northern California. Signings are not picking up as expected. I’m working on my marketing and trying to think outside the box. Low-fee signings are still out there—$75 for a refi with faxbacks. A company I work for offered a $90 refi signing 45 miles away; when I asked about increasing the fee due to distance, they said they can’t do that, so I turned down the signing.

Thoughts anyone?

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