Sign of the times

I’ve been experiencing a major slow down this month July 2022 in the amount of signing orders.

I went from 25 to 30 a week to maybe 10 per week.

Anyone else feeling this pain.


Yes…times have Changed & RON’s have also been a factor…The Economy in General is having a Real Challenging time which inherently effects Everything! #Real Estate etc, etc

The pain is real. It’s a downturn across the board. Not many refis when the interest rates are so high. We will probably see more purchase/sales and reverse mortgages. Here is what I do know: Those same people who are buying $$$$ properties right now at 5-6+% interest are definitely going to want to refinance once the interest rates become more favorable.

Real Estate is like the weather in springtime: If you don’t like how things are going, wait ten minutes.

Quote from an old real estate broker I used to know.

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Yes… That’s what I was thinking.

Lol… Yep. Cali every 10 yrs.

Absolutely! Major slow down in western SD. I am staying steady with 1-3+ a day but not my usual 4-6+ a day. My GNW is up so that’s a plus! Monday, I traveled over an hour to a campground on a big lake for a GNW appointment. I had nothing else scheduled for the day so I brought my paddle board and had a few hours on the lake afterwards. I basically got paid to go have fun!

I’ve spent my down time signing up with any SS I can find and looking for other means of independent contractor work. I do quite a bit of exterior inspections for a local bank via a field inspection company and I recently applied to be an independent contractor local coordinator for a foreign exchange student program. I’m waiting to hear back from that but they already did the background check and contacted my references. Yesterday, I had a company contact me about doing solar panel inspections in the area.

The direct business market like LSS promised their students is non-existent here. All of the local lenders, title/escrow officers have an in-house closing team. I actually had a local loan officer complain to my face that First American Title demanded an outside notary because she usually closes her own deals.

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Thank you for the feed back.

It’s picked back up here. I have already done or scheduled this month the same number I was at last month but the last week of the month.