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My name is Lisa Bittner, I am the owner of Coast2Coast Signing Co,
Since March of 2019 we have had some Fraud issues with Bank of America, it started with a notary in Las Vegas who started cashing checks more than once, and even changing amounts and dates and check numbers,
In total its over 26 thousand dollars until last night, it was much larger amount.

Bank of America has returned our money back.
Last night we had a similar issue again, this resulted in a number of checks that are not being paid, and yours is one of them.
C2C will pay the rejection charge to be included with the new check I will issue tonight.

Bank of America assures me they will put a limit of the amount of any one check to $2500.00 as we never write anyone signing agent check for over this at one time.
So we hope this will put an end to a very lengthy time consuming issue.

please email me with any questions


Thank you for this update.

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Thank you Lisa, I know you have a lot of integrity and I am not worried :slight_smile: working for you for the past 14 years.

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Thank you for the update Lisa. Never had any problems with the checks you have sent, and you are always willing to answer calls for any issue. Thank you for all you have done for me.

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I am so sorry this happened to you!

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Why not do ZELLE or Chase QUick pay and also reduce the payperiod to 15 days. Bi monthly payments.
No attorney, realtor, appraiser etc waits this long . Why are notaries 3rd class ?

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Hello, I am interested I. Signing up with your Company! I am a retired Mortgage Banker, (35 yrs) and have been working with Signature Closers for about 2 yrs. I just retired so am a full blown Notary Signing Agent now! Love the work, however feel like I need to sign up with another company For more business. I am closing about 12-20 loans a month at this time! What is your procedure for signing up with Coast to Coast?
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Donna C Dunn

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Zelle is not linked with quickbooks, and we send out over 1000 check transactions a week.
so that wont work.
I bank with Bank of America, and for the size co we use, we have applied for what they call positive pay, and we are told that this will have ACH payments available. more to come on this soon.

if we were smaller, zelle, venmo, and paypal would be easy.
but none of these integrate with Quickbooks.
We can reduce to net 15 but it wont solve the issues we are facing.


I appreciate you Lisa! Thank you for your help today.

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1 hour and 5 mins ago, I received an alert to ask if we authorized a check for $2546.16 from one of our accounts
I was on hold with Bank of America for 1 hour 2 mins.
then had to sit on the line for over an hour to finish…
its taking so much time to handle these fraud issues… ugh.

at least we caught this one before they took it out of our account.


It’s a headache now, but I’m sure it will make Coast 2 Coast better. Thank gosh you caught it and are staying on top of it.

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its just so much fun, btw this is happening all the time, I now have a protection linking accounts so that there wont be a deficiency but Bank of American does NOT always text me these since we send so many checks, they only send 1 or 2 texts every 3 or 4 days…

its maddening. look at the check numbers they are very long. totally out of sequence… haha… sorry to bother everyone…
just frustrating.

So who ever is doing this is putting First American Title as the payer.

we had 21 checks go through last night for amounts like this.

again on the phone with the bank
also… on our “new” account

Fraud is such frustrating issue to deal with. Hope there is a resolve sooner than later. I love working for you because of your integrity. It’s a shame that a notary would dishonor that and cause other notaries to potentially suffer. Just selfish and not a great way to represent Las Vegas notaries, like myself.

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Sorry, Lisa, for hearing about what happened to you. Thank you for informing be of this situation promptly and I understand the process of resolving it. Your integrity speaks for itself.

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I am so glad they caught this one! What a nightmare.

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So sorry to hear Lisa. Thank you for the heads up.

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I am sorry that happened to you. This hurts us so much coz we, as notaries, should be known of our high standards of professional and ethical conduct.
Thank you for the update.

unreal. are these signing agents? if so, i would think you can figure out who the signer was and report them

todays fraudulent check

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