Customer not wanting to pay you

Hi, has any one ever been in a situation where a company does want to pay you? This is my first time in this situation. Anyone have any recommendations or anything where you can prevent being in this situation again?

Also, the company, they found me right here on Notary Cafe. So, that everyone is alerted of their behavior. The companies name is Oaktree Real Estate Lawyers out in West Covina CA. Has anyone ever experienced this with them?

First question is what is their reasoning for not paying you?

There was no conversation about me not getting paid. The signer was difficult, but she signed the documents. When I was in the process of dropping them off the docs to the PO. She didn’t want them sent in. But they were returned to the company. I spoke to someone at the company thanking me for returning the docs. They said that they would pay me shortly afterwards. Now, it’s about 35 days. Iv’e emailed and called no response.

I have had my business since 2015 and have had only one client that has never paid me July 2021. They said they found me on Notary Cafe Forum. This client is BridgePoint Law Group, Chino, CA. I performed assignment to the letter and they just ignore my requests for payment. I checked them out on line and have a shady past but still in business. I no longer work for attorneys unless they are locally based. They do not respond to hard copy letters, phone calls, emails, or contact on website. They are pond scum !!


That’s exactly the promise I made to myself. I won’t do it ever again. Luckily, I did ask how they found me. They found me here. But, I’m like, I worked now where is my payment. I really dislike calling, emailing, etc. Thanks

You need to get a full fee for that signing! You have to know how to handle yourself with these people.

I agree. Ive been calling and emailing for 3 weeks. Any suggestions? I am thinking of a different strategy now. The contact I had doesn’t answer for me anymore. So, I have to call from another number.

If they’re not a Texas law firm or have an office in Texas I don’t handle their documents.


I wish I would have seen your post before I did work with them. The person who called me told me he found me on notary cafe also. I sent letters, called, etc. I did a Spanish speaking deed signing. Out of all my signings this is the only company who hasn’t paid. I contacted the California attorney generals office to see if they could do something because I didn’t want new notaries getting screwed over. They weren’t any help. The payment wasn’t much of a loss but my time is precious. I hope Karma comes around to this firm.


I have moved on from my only non-payment for services supplied through an attorney. What I would like to see is Notary Cafe block these lawyers that are not paying Notaries from their site. In the past working for lawyers has been no issue, but these bad lawyers seem to be breeding in CA and taking advantage of Notaries. If I was in CA would give these guys more than a bad Karma whipping.


I did a signing for Oaktree back in September of this year and I have yet to be paid. I’ve emailed and called many times and have not gotten a response until yesterday. They emailed me and said they will send me payment today. Of course, they haven’t sent it. Don’t accept any work from this company.


Thank you for the heads up!

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Late to the party, but… Tell them you will be contacting the Bar Association in their county about non-payment.

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Express Notary accounting is not responding and the scheduling people have been told to just tell everyone to email No one ever answers the phone. 8/192021 closing, supposedly they sent out a check on 10/1/2021 to a business address I have not had for over 10 years. They have not reissued the check and the scheduling person today said that the old address is NOT in my Express Notary profile. She did mention the company has new owners. All she could do is put a note in my profile that I was not accepting closings until I got paid so no other scheduler will call me. Interesting way to handle your accounts payable?!

You need to go higher up the chain of command. Find the new owner.

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As an update, I did receive a payment about a month ago. I totally put this out of my mind. After I gave up asking for it. The signing I had was for a woman who signed the papers but then didn’t want me to send them back. It was a rodeo. But, I was surprised I got the payment. That’s about 5 months later.

You are right! (It is interesting that the schedulers do not offer the name of the new owners. I need to call the scheduling department back and see if someone will give up the name of the new owners.)

What she did is so shady and passive aggressive. You’re trying to get paid for work that you did for them, they ignore you, and then they make a “note” which basically blacklists you from getting work. Yawn. It’s such a ridiculous way to do business. Similar thing happened to me with Bancserv. I made an honest complaint about how I was being treated and they did the same thing. Rather than address the issue, fix the problem, and be respectful they just drop you/cover their ears and scream “LA LA LA” at the top of their lungs.