Cynanotary signing serv

Has anyone worked for Cynanotary? Did a job for them some time ago never got paid. Called them they were going to reissue a check, to date still waiting.

I dd a closing for them a while back, they paid in about 6 weeks, just took another one from them recently, but it was just last week. Let us know if you have a problem, they were always nice on the phone to deal with. I would definitely work for them again

I did a signing for them on June 17, 2019, and have NOT been paid. I posted a comment in the order today in SnapDocs; we’ll see if they respond. I also tried to call them - 3 times - and each time the phone system played a recording about their services, then there is a pause, then a “Thank you!” and it hangs up. I’m also receiving emails from them to buy insurance (network marketing?). Anyone else having payment issues?