Expert notary signers, inc

Has anyone worked with EXPERT NOTARY SIGNERS, INC.?? I have a refi with them this week.

@heresignx You’ll find the FASTEST answer to queries by first Searching the Notary Cafe database of threads, which is a GOLDMINE of information, data, experiences, learning, etc. by accessing the ever-elusive Magnifying Glass.

It’s where I go first . . .

If you’ve already performed a Search & are desirous of additional information, be sure to ADD that statement; i.e., “I’ve already searched the Notary Cafe database” within your thread creation/post.

I performed a cursory Search for you utilizing your term “EXPERT NOTARY SIGNERS, INC” and here are 2 threads that are germane & that you may find useful. These two threads are a bit “dated,” but nonetheless contain insightful information.


Many Notary Cafe members have stated that the Magnifying Glass is nearly impossible to locate.
I’ve inserted an image to assist with its’ location.


Thanks for your prompt response!! I appreciate it.

I have done many signings for ENS. Good company.

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Very good and reliable company. Proceed, you will be in good hands!

They are a good company to do signings for and they always pay on time.