Expired IDs

anyone having people unable to renew ID during COVID timeframes more often now?

Yes!!! I ordered my background check on 08/27/2020. My last one expired on 09/13/2020 (1 year). I normally would have had the new one by last week. I was informed yesterday that my county is severely delayed in processing records and might not be done until 10/02/2020 to 10/20/2020(!). The Background check people are trying to hurry it along but no promises. It was suggested that I might need to go to our county courthouse myself and have one done on my own…still with low expectations. I’m told that some companies will be okay with the pending check, but not all. I’ve gotten all my other records updated okay. September is my renewal moth for nearly everything.

What state are you in??

California. Our dmv is limited right now

I’m in Michigan, St. Joseph County

Thank you for state information. COVID is going to be with us for a while. Many offices in WA state are still closed and everything is digital. My notary license renewal is not due until April 2021. Hopefully, situation will improve by 2021. I just renewed my Drivers License digitally and turnaround was about 2 weeks so not bad. Need to renew my NNA membership in Nov ~ I’m sure they will be anxious to take my money. Dec is renewal time for NNA certification. The more I’m with NNA the less I’m impressed. Their main focus is CA and not other states which have different laws. Since every state has different laws it is helpful know which state we are speaking from. Wish this site could put next to our profile photo. Here is to survival of 2020 and the COVID challenge ~ stay healthy.