FedEx Employee Goes Bazerk Over One Polite Question

I had an anticipated overnight FedEx delivery recently for a much needed check to pay my 4th quarter taxes. I stayed home at my apartment in San Francisco to receive the delivery within the 9:00 am - 12:30 pm window of delivery. I noted the law firm (customer) had arranged for my signature. However when I got a FedEx text confirming delivery message I noted the landlady had signed on my behalf! I then went down to pick up the package. When I entered the lobby area I noticed that the FedEx lady was still standing outside after the delivery process took place so I decided to ask her a question.

Having her back to the front door, I approached the FedEx lady carefully asking politely with a timid tone, “ma’me, I was wondering if I could ask a question?”. . . .(no answer)… … “Can you tell me why you didn’t call me about the package you just delivered using the intercom?” BAAAAM! The lady went absolutely bazerk yelling and waving her arms around not allowing me to speak. The FedEx lady was ranting about why she didn’t summon me with untruthful excuses that the intercom can’t be used to summon me to come down to sign for the package and that it’s an “adult only” signature meaning any adult can sign on my behalf.

The lady wouldn’t let me say anything talking over me all the while, then asking me to go back inside with her. I let her inside believing she was going to show where the FedEx envelope was! Instead when she entered the lady began yelling at me causing a disturbance that the landlady came out of her office angry at me. I was blamed in other words, for politely asking a question.

For years no one thought it was right signing for someone else’s delivery that seemed a big taboo. Now FedEx thinks nothing of leaving packages with anyone willing to sign. I think they need to contact the customer first before asking anyone to sign for the package. Being caught not doing her job properly (in my opinion), the FedEx driver felt it necessary to become psycho to defend herself not allowing me to ask any further questions. The FedEx employee got me in trouble with the building management as if I had done something wrong. The landlady was angry with me agreeing with FedEx.

How does this happen? Are we still living in a civilized society I wonder? Is our former civilized society over with or something?

You can’t win for loosing.