Finger Printing Service?

Has any one started in there State doing finger printing as a service you provide?
How much you charge for just doing that service?
Where did you start reaching to people & companies that need this service on daily basis?

I think doing the taco trucks would be a great thing to do as well.

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Thanks for your response I think so too or doing that service from your car and creating a sign a magnet on your vehicle

Absolutely, I can already imagine so many people trying to come up with ideas not even out of passion but just out of desperation to survive.


What the he** are you talking about? Taco trucks???


I love taco trucks….


Well, I’m thinking about starting a mobile “poopie call” or a mobile “dog washing” business!


Oh, and I’m quite certain they like you, Jason.

Not trying to rain on your parade here, but I’m so glad my state doesn’t require fingerprint for journal, let alone considering it as an additional service. There’s more to it than simple “dab and press.” I’m not trained or certified (some states require such) depending on the purpose. Check your state laws. (Also known as fingerprint roller/latent print certification).

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I agree that is not all that Intel if you want to do fingerprinting as a business, but if you just want to do as a side just like a field inspector can be something to earn extra income when signing are not up.

I did thousands of “hard card” fingerprints until California started requiring it be done digitally. If germs and virus scare you then forget this job.

I do fingerprinting and I’m quite successful…you must market yourself appropriately and know your clientele

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Thanks for the info very informal

I would appreciate more info if you would like to share with me…

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