First Signing Assignment Question


I completed my first signing and I noticed there isn’t a notary section on 2 of the documents for me to notarized. The occupancy agreement & patriot act. Do I just add my acknowledgment stamp?

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If there is no notary section then the document does not get notarized.

I don’t recall ever having to notarize the Patriot Act form…just signing it AS A SIGNING AGENT, NOT A NOTARY …it is not a notarial act


thank you. I wanted to make sure before mailing the package back.

I notice on this patriot form it states I’m attesting to the above information is true & correct. Wouldn’t I need to stamp it?

You are the one filling out the Patriot Act form - you are the one attesting to the fact that you examined the listed ID - you cannot stamp it as you cannot notarize your own signature…so no, you do not stamp it

And again - you do not sign this as a notary - you sign it as a Signing Agent; if the words “Notary Public” are printed under your signature line, line through them, initial that, print “Signing Agent” and sign your name


I’ve completed many such forms, where I attested the correctness of the form as a signing agent, not as a notary. So I did not stamp it, nor did I use the title “notary public”. Of course, I don’t have the form from your package in front of me, so I can’t be 100% sure.


Thank you both for your help. I appreciate it.

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For the Patriot Act forms, I always sign, followed by my printed name and title “Notary Public” and date: NO stamp required as I’m the only one signing. I do verify social security number and birthday on the form are correct (birthday from ID and SS# confirm with client.

I’ve only once seen one that was actually to be notarized and that one was signed by the client so I was notarizing that signature, so then it would be stamped. All the notary language was there.

Did your occupancy agreement have the notary language (State, County, “Subscribed and sworn etc”, “Mr. Signer appeared before me etc”… a place for notary signature) if not I’d think they were signing and no notarization required. You said it was to be notarized, sounds like maybe not.

Be patient, don’t miss anything, if you’re not sure call your signing company and let them know you want it to be perfect which is why you’re calling (be nice, be professional) and they’ll tell you what is needed. (Suppose you could do that after you are back home if it is signed and dated and winds up you did need that you can add it or use a separate acknowledgement.

Best of Luck!


Thank you for the feedback. There was no notary verbiage on the occupancy document.

This was my first signing and the first set of documents were wrong and had to reschedule. It was a challenge reaching the signing company. I’m glad I was able to get the signing done.

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