Happy National Notary Day!

Today is National Notary Day!

First celebrated in 1975, November 7th is the day that we honor notaries and their contribution to national and international commerce. Thank you for all that you do!

November 7th was selected as National Notary Day because it was the day that Thomas Fugill, American’s first notary, was sworn into office as head record keeper in the Province of New Haven in 1639. Unfortunately, Thomas was later found guilty of falsifying records. He was promptly excommunicated and sent back to England.

Throughout the week, we will be sharing more fun tidbits of notary history with you to recognize notaries past and present.


How Extraordinary! Thanks for the tidbit!!

Thanks a lot, Fugill, for falsifying those records. I’ll bet he only got $65, too.
With scanbacks. :wink: