HELOC Signing

Finally got my first HELOC. Haven’t received docs yet so anyone have tips on what I should expect? Thanks!

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They’re easy. Just have the client fill out the necessary info and just fill out your notarial block. I always review the documents before I go to the signing appointment. It helps understand what will take place at the meeting. Any questions just ask the loan officer, they can help.

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Thank You! I figured it would be pretty simple. Once I get the docs I will definitely review.

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I have a little library of documents that I don’t often see, but sometimes they crop up. You might make copies of HELOC docs that you need a little help with and mark them up or label them in some way so you can refer to them when you get your next HELOC package. It’s best to also obscure the borrowers’ names and other identifying information on documents you save for privacy reasons.


Great Idea! Thank You