Help with SnapDocs

Hi, I’m new to the notary and loan signing business. I would appreciate any help with using SnapDocs. Is it only a RON service? I cannot find the answer on their website. Thanks so much for any help!

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SnapDocs is a middleman/directory whereby their clients (title co., signing services/another middleman) find a notary (mostly for refis, but there are many other less-used types of signings too numerous to list). While SD does have RON signings, I believe most are ‘paper’ where you print, drive to signers location, they sign/you notarize, then overnight the signed pkg. to hiring party, leaving a copy pkg for the signer. Hiring party ‘chooses’ the notarIES that get a (usually low/DO counter) offer. You accept/decline/COUNTER and then they’ll pick one and send the order. You do have to be quick usually.


Thank you! I appreciate your help.

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@Arichter - yes ma’am, agreed, you definitely have to be quick to hit that button on SnapDocs… :grinning:

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I work in CA which does not allow RON so the SnapDocs offers I get are all on paper.

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Pam, SnapDocs is excellent for a beginner, I did and continue to do many signings through them. The pay is not is best, but at first focus on getting experience. Best of luck. I’m in California and RON not available here.


Hi, I’ve been verified by Snapdocs since March. Since then, I have received one text. Didn’t get that assignment.
However, I’m in GA, an attorney state. That’s probably PART of it. The other part is they have more seasoned notaries that they work with regularly.

I just spoke with a signing service today, who looked on Snapdocs and said, “I see you have no signings.”
That’s not true. I update Snapdocs on my signings… but guess what I learned today?
I"M the ONLY person who can see what I’ve done.
Now, I’m guessing I’m only updating my signings to help me with Snapdocs?

I’ll get work, and I’ll keep updating with Snapdocs.

Thanks! There is so much to learn, and I appreciate any advice.

Thanks for taking your time to help me get started. That’s odd that the signing service thought you had no signings. Since I’m new, I wonder how they would know how many you have, since only you can see them on Snapdocs.