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Editing post to remove my questions

That is a question that is no one’s business. I have never nor will I ever share my Income with anyone.


What’s the point (to whose benefit and what end) of your question?


Questions 3, 5, 6 and 7 I’d have no problem answering - especially 7, which can be very useful

1, 2 and 4? No - my financial information is no one’s business, as @Susan61007 said. I’m sorry Angela, but I find those questions very inappropriate.



Hey Linda I got asked financial questions at a job from a co-worker and I felt bad for telling them it was none of their business but I was just wondering if I was just overreacting or is their really merit to just not answering questions like this.

Hi Jason

I remember 30 years ago while working in the private sector - this was just something you didn’t do…someone did start something about someone else’s salary being higher than theirs (and no, not me…lol) - everyone to the last person said “not their business”.

For me it’s just a matter of - my financial info is no one else’s business but my own - except under special circumstances (for example, applying for credit, etc.) But in general? In normal conversation? On a public forum? No, I would not put that out there.


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If I could withdraw the question I would.

I should have prefaced it with the reason why I was curious but at this point I don’t think it matters.

I’m very sorry, truly, anyone who was offended. I’m an open book and very forthcoming person and These questions do not bother me. BUT i should have considered that to many, these are personal. Because I have never, nor will ever, meet anyone here I didn’t think it a big deal.

My tail is between my legs and I’m in my dog bed in the corner.

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Hi Angela, I come from a very large family, I believe that is the reason why it doesn’t bother me. We let people be. Asking about income sometimes makes people uncomfortable as if you were competing. However sharing your timelines and strategy I believe it was very positive for new notaries.
Thank you for your contribution


I was telling another notary about this thread I started, and she said:

“I wonder why people will discuss their sex lives but don’t want to discuss their income?”

Lol! My openness and willingness to bare all sometimes gets me into trouble.

The reason I posted this thread was simply to learn. It was not nosy or meant to offend by any means. I would simply like to hear how others are doing, especially with the big slowdown, and maybe pick up ideas on how to maximize my own time and income. I’m always seeking new goals and input from people. I am very good at what I do, but if someone is doing fewer signings for more money in other populated areas, I had hoped to hear how so that I could try doing what they are doing. And, for those who are not doing as well as they wish they could, maybe offer some ideas in return.

you bring up a really good point about how others may see it as competitive. I don’t see it that way because you cannot compare someone who is in an extremely rural area doing this part time with someone who, like me, is full-time and thinks of being a notary as a career. However, possibly someday I would want to consider going part time and being an escrow officer again, And it would’ve been interesting to know what I could expect if I did so.

Thank you for chiming in and letting me know that you understood where I was coming from.


Hi Linda, please see the edited version of my comment. I’m truly sorry if you took offense, that was never my intention and I don’t wish to start trouble here. I’m learning a lot from other people, things that I’ve never thought of just when I thought I knew at all, and don’t want people to hate me LOL!


Last year alone I made three times the high side of your monthly income.
Enough said.
Good luck on your business.

Have you encountered any more dogs at your signings? Do you stil give them treats?

You are in Anaheim? That explains it. Your mortgage is also probably 3 times mine too. “Enough said”? You didn’t say anything…

I’d love to hear what you are doing. I posted this topic in hopes that I would get ideas about how to maximize my income. I am battling cancer and trying to keep up with the medical expenses.

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Ohhhh yes! 3 standard poodles today who were all bossed around by a 5 lb chihuahua named “Chuck”. None of them would take a treat unless Chuck would allow it, lol!!!

Have you seen anymore huskies?

No huskies lately. :blush:

I’m sure there is a lot of people who wish they could get those answers. But yes its personal. YOU WHERE THE ONE BRAVE ENOUGH TO ASK. I admire that. :wink:

I truly don’t think that is any of your business.


There are many others who agree with you apparently. I don’t think you bothered to read my post where I apologized for offending? So I’ll apologize to you directly: very sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention.

Are you making progress with the fight against your illness?