How do I get my stamp back, darn it!

Signing a refi, reached for my stamp… it’s gone.

What? I always put my stamp at my right hand. Always. My journal comes out first, when it goes back in the bag I pull out my stamp and set it at my right hand. ALWAYS.

I get up, check under the table. Explain to the couple I am signing that my stamp seems to have disappeared. Hear a giggle, see a streak of toddler disappear down the hall.

Took 20 minutes to corner the kid and get my stamp back!

Lesson learned? Some children are very, very quiet when crawling under a table, and have a real gift for being sneaky. Keep an eye on the stamp!


ok, that’s hillarious


Thanks for being vulnerable. When I have to leave the signing table, for phone calls or restroom. I always put my notary stamp up in my bag. Never had that happen to me yet. Now I will be more vigilant. You got to love those parents, that allow their children to be so “Bad”. On the other hand, you have to look at those parents with a more questionable eye…

I keep my stamp in a plstic bag after an infortunate inke leak when i overvinked the stamp. If i leave, it goes on the bag.
Thats funny.

To :grin: funny! What a cute kid

Absolutely NOT. This is not “cute kid” behavior…this is spoiled brat behavior. I would have been FURIOUS and would have let the kid know that 1.) we do not touch other people’s belongings without permission; and 2.) theft is a crime.

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Yeah, not cute! I hope the parent (s) spoke to him about this being inappropriate behavior.