How do i price my services as a GNW

I usually charge a travel fee and per stamp. But if I am doing a will or POA should i charge more?

@Virginiarogers43 Great question! :sparkles: Normally, the answer to this question is region specific. If you add the State or locale of your service area, you may receive some additional assistance. :gift:

I performed a cursory Search Function on your behalf with the keywords GNW Pricing and found 32 threads on the Topic! Reference the direct Notary Cafe url link that follows to begin Researching the topic. :sweat_drops:

NOTE: You will probably want to review the recent dates on these threads First and then visit the others . . .


The Search Function for just the acronym “GNW” as the keyword presented more that 50 separate threads on the topic:


There is also a GNW Category within Notary Cafe forums where you may be able to find additional helpful information:


Many members find it difficult/nearly impossible to locate the Magnifying Glass to enable access to the Search Function for Researching the GOLDMINE database within Notary Cafe. In case you may need it, I’ve inserted an image to be helpful for locating the Magnifying Glass.


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