How do you schedule multiple signings per day?

I’m a new NSA, and have a refi closing scheduled in less than an hour. The SS still has not sent me the loan docs. I’ve already contacted the borrower to let them know their closing will be delayed.

I’m not at a point yet where I’m getting multiple signings per day, which in this situation is a good thing.

How do you manage scheduling multiple signings daily when this happens? Do you print docs on the road?

You were hired for a specific time, but if they don’t get the docs to you in a timely manner–that’s their fault. You can just give it back OR try to work it into your schedule at your convenience.


I have a printer and scanner that I take with me everywhere. Its made my life far less stressful!!


Which one? Is it worth the cost?

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I do 6 to 12 signings per day. No, don’t print docs on road, printer are to fragile to put in moving car. (dangerous too, you stop fast, you’ll find out the hard way) To start, just stack your signing 2 hours apart, over time you can do the signings every hour (30min. travel & 30 signing), that when you good. I make 6 figures x 2, I speak from experience.


How do you get your docs more than two hours before the signing? Do you travel? I’m new, but the two I’ve done have each been a little over an hour away. I did have an offer yesterday to take one 3 hours after my first, but I would have had to drive back home, print (the docs for the 2nd one were not avail when I left for the 1st one.) and the two and a half hours to get home and back to print would not have allowed it

Hey, @suebee88. This is something you run into every now and again. Thankfully (at least in my experience) it’s the exception, not the rule. I do 4-6 signings per day and I make sure – especially for last minute signings (my definition for “last minute” is anything with 2 hours or less before the appointment time) – that the docs be ready well in advance (or immediately for last minute signings). Most companies get it but you will have those exceptions that can’t be avoided.

More testimonial than advice there, but I hope it helps. :slight_smile: