I Need Help Some Help finding RON Service provider

good day
I’m in the process of getting all my document ready to submit with the state of Florida to become RON, my question is which Ron service provider in compliance with Florida laws with reasonable situp fees. I was thinking of using Notarize or safeDocs has anyone had any issue with them, any assist will truly help me

Good morning Devon! I like Notarize,( Signix, I have a license with them but they are a little expensive upfront) Docverify… and I really like Secured Signings. I made a commitment to Signix, I am with Notarize to take some work to get more comfortable with doing RON. Hope that helps a little!
Kindly, Michelle

Good Morning! What does RON stand for? Thanks!

Remote Online Notarization

Thanks for let me know what RON stands for. Also is there a place you can go to find out what all the abbreviations mean? Thanks!

I am with Signix, Notarize and Online Notary. I haven’t gotten my feet totally wet yet. But if you get on with SigniX I would not made helping you to do a demo.