INKJET PRINTER: Epson WF-4833 [FYI: not for Signing Agent use]

I know that laser printers are the preference but does anyone use this one? It is more inexpensive to buy but I’m not sure about ink costs. Thanks for any info.

Lasers aren’t the “preference” … They’re the “requirement”


Thank you for the information. I’m new to loan signings and trying to figure everything out before I jump in.

I’m very curious, so going to ask…what is that “lpn” at the end of your forum alias?

Hi. I’m also a licensed practical nurse.

That is what I assumed. So my heartfelt advice to you is pursue that… Not this. The world is wide open for you there … And yes you can freelance there too …

Nursing was my first love but for personal reasons I had to leave it behind. To this day I am sorry I did. Don’t get me wrong, my life has been good, I loved being a paralegal … But nursing never got out of my blood. I would NEVER give up a nursing career for this business.

I wish you luck

I work part-time. Not interested in full-time nursing. My back couldn’t take it. I have a variety of interests. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not only are Laser Printers a requirement, the cost for replacement Toner is much cheaper than what you would pay for Ink. The cost of a Laser Printer may be a bit higher but the savings in Toner offset this cost. Do your due diligence in researching a laser printer with a second tray drawer. Wish you the best in your journey.


All-inclusive leases for a HP low level high speed commercial printer scanner. They include all service and ink fee’s. Under $100 per month.

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(MD) You say “this one” but there is no picture or product name. Can you be more specific?

It’s in the topic title - “Epson WF-4833”

Check out the Brother HL-L6200DWT. It’s dual tray, low-priced, has an available giant capacity toner cartridge, prints great. The last I had printed over 200,000 copies before I replaced it. I have also been very happy with the Brother MFC-L2710DW all-in-one that I use for scanning and printing “junk” docs. Both available on Amazon.

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It’s important to note that this printer - Epson WF-4833 - is an InkJet Printer, which is not for use as a Signing Agent.


Here is a detailed & informative thread that elucidates that LASER Printers are REQUIRED for Signing Agent work, as referenced by @LindaH-FL above:

Also, here is a thread that provides an overview listing of required Signing Agent supplies:


Thanks so much for all the input. I do realize now that laser is the type of printer that I will have to have. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple that I’m deciding between. Thanks again!

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Laser all the way. I only use old HP 4000 & 4050’s. Toner is the cheapest, get it on Ebay. This is notary that buys letter paper by the pallet (40 cases).

When I started doing signings I had a Epson inkjet printer. The ink prices became a problem. I was very hesitant about switching to a laser printer but I “bit the bullet”. I purchased a Brother MFC-L5850DW. What a difference. The price of over $100 for toner may scare you but it will cost you 1/3 of what the inkjet will cost you. “Generic” toner is much cheaper but I have found that the leaks and smearing just aren’t worth it. Go get that laser printer and don’t look back!!!

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