Inspection jobs?

I’ve been getting very interesting job opportunities on account of being a notary.

Recently a company contacted me and offered me a job where I would go to homes and take photos of the house and car and leave a letter with the homeowner on behalf of banks who were trying to contact them.

only paid $30. Had to pass.

But I wonder: has anyone else done anything like this?

Many, many years ago…yes. BUT the pay was MUCH better than today. $30 isn’t worth the hassle, imho. Neither was $50.


Thank you for your response, Arichter. I tried to negotiate with the company, and I even explained that $30 was not profitable for me, as I would probably put half the fee in the gas tank. The lady I talked to was very pleasant, but she refused to budge on the price. She told me that she was only authorized to offer that fee. I politely declined.

I have been in this business for 25 years I am 67 yo and I have seen alot.
These folks are probably in Default and have not answered the Banks requests.
The people who live at the residence know that within a matter of time they may be presented with a Repo notice. Did these a few time until the resident got in his car and chased me. At the stop light he threatened to shoot me if I came snooping around. It paid $50 I treat that opportunity the same as Presenting Legal papers that are being served. I value my life and want to spend many years with my Grand Kids. If your Well Being is only worth $50 go for it. This day and age you have to be careful.

I have done one of these.

Before I agreed to do it I collected the information from the company contact. The home was abandoned. I knew this because I coincidentally knew someone who was interested in buying it. He had already talked with me about various ways to legally gain ownership.

The place was less the 5 miles from my office and they met my fee of 85.00 ( given thinking they would say no).

It was no problem. I arrived took a few pics of the front of the home using my phone and was back at my office. The drives, pics, and return trip took me all of 20 minutes.

There is caution to be had though. This is property that is being reclaimed. Desperate people do crazy things to keep things they value even if they fail to pay for it.

Consider your safety first. If you are seeking work with hazard pay go join the military, law enforcement, and other emergency response teams.

I do inspections all the time mostly on vehicles. It doesn’t pay much but it’s extra cash if you can get some close to home. What company may I ask?

Sorry for the delay. The company is C A C Services in Irvine, CA.

I’ve done a few for insurance claims, photographing damage to vehicles. OnSource is the company I’ve worked for. Not a lot of money, so I kept them really close. They have an app that makes things very easy. They pay additional mileage for longer trips. Maybe 15 minutes plus travel time, no threats, no fuss, pretty easy way to pick up a few dollars.