It's the mistakes no one ever expects will happen

Did you know you can report a FASS order as complete prior to the date and time of the appointment?

I did not. And… you guessed it… I did it. Highlighted the bottom line in my inbox and reported it complete, like I’ve done thousands of times… only the signing I had just completed was not that signing.

I swear, I am a doggone catalyst. If any weakness exists in a system, turn me loose and I will find it. Accidentally and without intention, I will expose any possible weakness. I should hire myself out.


Definitely a bug and not a feature. Developers should have discovered and resolved before release.

Did you catch the mistake in time?

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Yes. But I really hate having to admit to stupid mistakes.


This is a major flaw in the programming. They should pay you for finding it.

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I’ve done this on two occasions. Both times, the last names were similar. Once it was with the same platform and once were two different platforms. I do mark which platform at the beginning of each calendar entry too. I was just in too big of a hurry. I just emailed the SS and explained my mistake. I agree though. It’s incredibly embarrassing! You are not alone!

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Wowie, you must have been in the business for a long time, no? You’ve averaged 5 signings a day, every day for 456 straight days! That’s two years’ non-stop signings. Your hands must be sore.

Or. . .

Is that how many signings that went through your signing service?? Just don’t want anyone to be mis-led, y’understand.

White Glove for many years, and 2456.

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My partner and I both sign for FASS, we are both White Glove, and we have both been signing for more than five years.

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Is there a difference between getting orders for FASS through Snapdocs and directly through there website? I’ve only gotten mine from Snapdocs.

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Sign up at Be aware that competition is extremely high - orders do not last more than 2 - 3 seconds in my area. White Glove status means you receive notifications 30 seconds before the general queue. Check the website for White Glove requirements.

So curious - what is FASS?

First American Signature Services

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