Journal Question

Hi. I am in NJ and have my first signing. When I journal at the signing do I need to have a separate entry for every document I notarize within the packet?

Thanks for your assistance.

New Jersey SOS manual, page 16.

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IMO you should list or designate each document you notarize by title - I don’t think NJ requires separate line items like CA does (judging from @Kristin’s link. But I would not simply enter a blanket description like “loan documents” or “debt settlement” as the items notarized. All docs in the package are not notarized. And if a copy of your journal entry is ever requested for any reason, they’re looking for more than the blanket description…they’re looking for specific documents.

Get the MoJo - you can check off the docs you notarize and which notarial act was done for each.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question.