Notary Journal help?

I am not quite sure on how to fill my journal for each signing , do I need to fill each separate notarization act that I do record it by it self or can I just put all of them together for each loan signing, I am from PA.

For each document you must list separately on each line for each signer listed on documents and type of notarization Ex: ack, jurat etc…and description of document ex: POA, Affidavit, etc.

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Does it have to be on a journal or can it be done on excel?

Maybe this will help:

I would contact the SOS or PAN about having to itemize each document, although from reading this it sounds like you do. Question is, do they have to sign for each document, like in CA? I would strongly suggest you contact SOS or PAN to get that clarified.

Good luck

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Depends on the laws and quidelines for your state. Every state has different laws.