Journal requirements

So a lot of times I am told by the signers they only sign one line in a journal. I believe the complete ness of my journal is so important. I make them sign and thumb print every line for every notorization. did I miss something learning the signing agent responsibilities? I have had many people tell me this, not just a couple.

The signers are probably accustom to a Modern Journal of Notarial Events that includes multiple notarization’s in one line. You can find those on Amazon - they are kind of amazing. :smile:

Not sure what state you are in, but my state (WA) allows a single entry for each signing that includes “multiple documents involving a transaction intended for a single purpose, such as the closing of a real estate transaction”, so long as the total number of notarial acts is noted and every person signing documents also signs my journal.

I am in CA. i thought we were required to do one line per signer per notarization. wow I bet having just one saves so much time

You’re correct - that is the CA requirement; also, you’re only required to obtain thumbprints for POA signings and notarizations relative to real property - not each and every notarization you do.

I have that book but I still ask signer(s) signed and finger print for every single document. I always record the name of the document, sign and finger print. If someone gets in trouble is not goin to be the signer. Better safe than sorry.

agreed. easy to have them fingerprint all lines when they must sign all lines anyway. an extra second isn’t going to kill them or me so better safe than sorry. i had several last week tell me the previous notary did one line and list all documents. i live in CA which isn’t the proper way to do it. i hate telling people well it is CA that dictates what we must do and i am going to do it the proper and legal way. sorry not sorry!