Legal and letter size docs - how to reduce all to letter

If I have the original docs in both letter and legal size, how do I reduce the whole packet to letter size (for the borrower)? Do I do it from my computer or my printer?

Under “Page size and handling” choose “Fit.” Then you can select letter sized paper. Test with a page or two of documents, before printing the whole set.

I know a lot of notaries look for ways to reduce their costs, but reducing the size of documents or printing on both sides of the paper for the borrowers copies is not a good idea. I’ve been doing loan signings since 2005 and I still have borrowers who can’t follow directions or seem to have ADD and can’t remember how to sign their name or use the same date format from page to page. Every year I’ve had two or more loan signings where we have to pull a borrowers copy out because of major mistakes. If you need to reduce your costs, look at your expenses that are related to your business, such as how much you pay for paper, toner, insurance, cell phone, etc.


Best practice is not to reduce the borrowers copies to only letter size. There are going to be times that a mistake will take place. You have the second copy of the borrowers docs to use in those times of mistakes on legal sized paper. Replacing legal size with letter size will cause a problem, including but not limited to possible deduction of your fee payment, going back to the customer to have them resign the right sized docs, to holding up the process. Print both copies the same way.


I personally would not reduce the size. It’s good to have the borrower’s copy as a back-up in the same size in case there is a mistake on the original.

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