Location for appointment

I was told by my client to provide a Title/Attorney location for the appointment at 5 pm. Also that I was to pay for it and they reimburse me. All the locations close at 5 pm within 6 towns away along will not just rent out a room due to COVID-19. I know that I’m brand new to being a Signing Agent, but I thought they were supposed to secure the location?

Um wow hello you should not have to provide that at all you a mobile notary service which means you go to them the clients house or you guys can meet at at neutral location that’s convenient.

You’re in TX…which uniquely requires HELOCs to close in a title or attorney’s office–which YOU have to procure/pay for. As it’s very difficult to find a location under normal circumstances, just don’t do HELOCs.

As Arichter said, yes, you’re in TX so you need to affiliate with an attorney’s office or title company that will let you use office space for HELOCs and cash-outs. Some companies arrange it for you but, for the most part, it’s up to you to have that accommodation available. And yes, you pay for it but you include that charge in your agreed fee.

In your scenario, I would advise the hiring party that the time needs to be earlier as all offices are closed. Not only do you need to have that office but hiring party needs to be flexible and work with you on this.

Good luck