Loose acknowledgment and Jurat

So in my state training it says you have to affix the acknowledgment by stapling it to the document. But the title company doesn’t want anything stapled!?!? What do I do?

Let the company know you have no choice and provide them with the page of your handbook that states the same (page 17 I believe).

In the meantime , if I were you, I’d order an ack and a jurat stamp for use on document that have no no notarial wording.

If I may ask, why did you need to attach a separate certificate? Couldn’t you conform the provided cert to your state’s requirements?

Ok so that’s what I’m wondering. How do you conform it to not have to attach it? Are all the acknowledgments usually in each packet? And those that are already in the packet don’t need to be attached?

If the required certificate is already pre-printed on the document but maybe some wording is off, you “may” be able to conform that cert to satisfy your state requirements; if the cert is already loose then, no, you must attach it.

Usually, the required number of acknowledgement certificates (and jurats) are present in the package. But they are not all prepared by the same person or software. Usually the one for the mortgage or deed is just right for the state where the property is located (which may be different from the state where the signing takes place). The rest may be different from the mortgage, and different from each other. You will have to decide what to do with each of them, one by one.