MIS (a warning to watch out!)

MIS packages contain a document that demands you to not only stamp a seal on a non signature…

It has a document for signing agents to sign their signature twice and also provide their own personal SSN and the statement after declares that you authorize they share it WITH THE LENDER.
After that it states you won’t get paid if you don’t fill out the form.

Needless to say I just cancelled both my upcoming appointments with them.

Yes they already vetted me via my NNA background check and when I called they got bent out of shape saying “I just have to place my last four.”

Well no thank you. Very threatening that company and no way I want to do business with all of the extra notary threatening documents.

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Ewww… haven’t worked for MIS in quite a while, but they (used to) have large (not huge) packages and an overload (16 -20) of notarizations. Now this SS reveal? I do remember the ‘place seal here’ on a doc only the notary signs. I never did and it wasn’t an issue back then. Are you saying that now if you don’t ‘notarize/seal a non-signature’, (breaking the law everywhere as I don’t think there’s any state that allows this), you won’t get paid??? Seems they need a notary refresher course.

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I use my tax Id number not my ssn

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Yes, as Onmywayny said, get an EIN number from the IRS.(Employer Identification Number) and use that for your business. From now on, never give a Signing Service or Title company your SS#. Use the EIN number whenever you fill out the W-9 that some companies require in order to pay you.

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I haven’t worked for MIS in a while because of that. I did give them my EIN but protested the stamp placement because it is unlawful to to stamp a document that I am not officially notarizing…and I can’t notarize my own signature. They were offended and so was I basically. We parted ways quickly.

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As to placing my seal in the box provided, I simply overwrite with “VOID”. Never a problem.


I had a demand that way one time. I sent a copy of the instructions to the SOS. I forwarded a copy of the reply from the SOS and never had a problem after that. Some of these companies are too lazy to check the SOS website. All commissioned notaries for that state are listed.

Who is MIS? Is that an abbreviation?

Mortgage Information Systems, a national signing company.

Look, what you do is take the offending documents and you scan them and call your state Secretary of States office and find a dept where you should forward those to and inform them of how they are requesting you break the law. The SOS office will notify the garbage signing agency and they’ll get smacked on the nose like a bad doggy.

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