Navigating who to sign up with

Hi I’m a new signing agent in NY. Not a new notary. I’ve done 2 small modifications with no issue both thru @360. I don’t know who else to sign up with. I’m signed up in snap docs. Also coast 2 coast. Also signing Bancserv only opens up on the 1st. Amrock says not hiring in ny right now. Do I need to pay the 5.00 a month for notary cafe? There’s also HireNotary or
Something that charges 48.00 a year
I have received a few texts from @360 for NJ because I’m on the border but cannot accept.
Help I need more traffic. Thanks

By all means, do not pay HireNotary…short of saying this is a scam, I will say it’s misleading. I doubt that you will get a return on your investment. I tried it and was able to get a refund b/c I used my Amex card to pay. As for Notary Cafe, it’s worth it. However, I pay $36 yr for my membership.
Try the following companies: Accountable Agents, Xome, Simple Signings, Signature Closers, Express Notary. Good luck and hang in there.

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