New Notary receiving offers but never able to secure the signing

I have been a SNA for over a week and have began filling out my information on different platforms. I have received 3 signing offers in less than 12 hours but everytime I go to accept, the offer is already gone and given to someone else.

Is this normal?

Yep. Actually you’re lucky they’re even contacting you within a week of signing up. Hang in there as eventually the experienced notary they’re picking over you will be busy and you’ll get your chance. A word of advice (that newbs just don’t listen to) no matter what they offer, counter higher.
And be sure it’s profitable for you.


This happens to me allllll the time. By the time I click on it (and it could be seconds after I receive the potential signing) someone else has already grabbed it. Others will come along, though. Not to worry.


I don’t think you quite understand how the platform Apps work. They send a canudo to X number of notaries…slight pause for response…no immediate acceptable (person/fee/whatever), resume App.
to next X number. At their convenience, they look over responses/people/whatever and pick one or start the game again. It is not first come/first served.

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That’s interesting because so many times when I click to accept or decline the next page tells me it has already been assigned or is no longer available. I don’t know… I just hope for the next one. :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to be preferred as they will send me a message before sending out a notification, they love me i did a refi for 50 and they always hit me first a great way to scale ya business

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Greenhunter, Who is they???

$50 for a refi? They will always call you at that price. $125 is my minimum.

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Depending on the signing service, jobs will go very quickly; sometimes within minutes. Keep in mind that you are just one of possibly 50 - 100 (or more) NSAs that are getting that offer. Stay up and watch your phone and email as often as possible.

Reading this thread made me feel better. I missed my first signing request via email from Timios. It came in at 7:31 pm while I was playing with my son. Since then, I set my notifications and check my email constantly. I was thinking of establishing a new phone line for my new business, but not until I have made a profit.

I’m sure that company will be happy to give you all the signings you can handle at $50 each.


@cassidynotary …I am also a new NSA and have received 3 notifications in 12 hours and after about 15 minutes and checking both portals they were assigned to someone else. I am so excited just to know the system is working not as fast as I would like but it is. I am hopeful that I will get my opportunity to show my skills. Keep your head up and stay positive.

I was able to get a separate phone number using the Google Voice app. It is on my phone, and I can make calls with either the phone’s original number, or my business number.
For US calls, it’s free!

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When should you counter? I, like most of these other people, have had several offers and by the time I click accept (10 seconds after getting the email) the posting is gone. If you’re lucky enough to actually secure the job and then you counter, is that playing with fire? I get the feeling NSAs aren’t particularly valued, especially when you’re new… I could be wrong. But, if people, like one of the posters here, are taking Refi’s for $50 then my $125 price (which all of us are worth) will never get chosen haha.

You’ve got this pretty much figured out…(there is notary-oversaturation in some areas) and, yes, they most likely will pick someone they know. Accepting & then trying to negotiate is kinda playing with fire. Exception: when they have NOT accurately outlined the job (like scanbacks suddenly required or it’s a monster package, piggyback). And, no, we have no value to most of those who operate via platforms. Even after years of work, they are liable to drop you cuz they found someone $5 cheaper. Wish I could be more positive, but this gig is all about the ‘numbers’: for some they work in their favor; for others they don’t. Best I can offer is…keep trying. Sooner or later, their go-to will be busy and you get a chance. If I haven’t mixed you up with someone else…you’ve got the degree…try being a Loan Officer. Pay is MUCH better.

Thank you. I followed your suggestion and added a new google phone number as my business line. I had to ramp up my notifications as well.

My understanding is that they notify an initial batch of notaries, then expand it, then expand again until someone is found. It may well be that we are on a secondary batch of notifications, and a previous recipient is responding just as they send the next batch (which we see and respond to).

I agree with the counter offer when being low-balled, however, my mentor has said to never counter and to take whatever comes my way for the experience of various types of loans. I’m curious what your reason is for countering and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

Simple, it has to be profitable. If it’s not, as a business owner, it’s your job to make it so.